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What exactly is The Nth Degree Career Academy??

  • Lesson One: NOW. Where are you in your life, right now? Maybe you feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed. Maybe you just want to upgrade your career. This module is designed to audit your current circumstances to create a foundational launch pad for your next career move..
  • Lesson Two: NATURE. What comes naturally to you? Do you even remember? Oftentimes, even the smartest among among us could do with a little more in the self-awareness department. This module is designed to assess your talents and gifts to empower you from within. 
  • Lesson Three: NURTURE. Ever feel like you’ve wasted time in a previous job? That mindset stops here. Every experience has value if you know how to look for it. This module is designed to help you analyze your previous experiences to extract the valuable lessons and skills you’ve learned over time. 
  • Lesson Four: NETWORK. Did you know that 70-85% of job opportunities are filled through networking? No, that’s not a typo. It’s a fact. This module was designed to teach you how to strategically leverage and grow your network to create a group of career advocates to get you to the next level.
  • Lesson Five: NAVIGATE. Why are you here? I believe we are all here for a purpose, but getting there takes a little bit of navigation on our part. This module was designed to teach you the actions you must take in order to achieve your career goals and lead the life you truly want.

Tracy Timm

Career Clarity Catalyst

Founder: The Nth Degree Career Academy

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